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Power your electric vehicle with confidence through RG’s Electrical Services. We specialize in top-tier EV charger installation for both homes and commercial parking lots. Our team ensures that your journey is always fueled, providing a seamless experience.

Partner With Superior EV Charger Installers in Carnegie, PA, and Surrounding Areas

RG’s Electrical Services are your reliable EV charger installers in Carnegie, PA, and surrounding areas. We make EV charger installations easy and efficient, serving both residential and commercial settings. With our service, you will never have to worry about running out of power. Be it a home charger or a commercial charging station, we bring the charging solution right to you.

newly installed ev charging station in use

Comprehensive EV Charger Installation Services

Enjoy seamless, efficient charging with our professional EV charger installations. We offer a full suite of EV charger installation services:

  • EV charger installation service: for homes and commercial properties
  • Commercial EV charger installation: for parking lots and businesses
  • EV charging station installation service: for easy access to power

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We are a family-owned and operated business that prides itself on excellence. We’ve provided the local community with superior electrical services for over a decade. We stand by our work, ensuring your EV charger installation is completed with precision and care.


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